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Supernatural Fic

The TARDIS came to a shuddering halt, sending The Doctor, Amy and Rory sprawling to the floor. The Doctor scrambled up first and quickly grabbed the monitor, attempting to determine their location. “Well it seems we are in the 21st century, apparently somewhere in South Dakota?” He ran a hand through his hair, “And we have landed in the middle of a salvage yard, one that belongs to…oh no way!” The Doctor’s face lit up in a smile, as he raced to the door. Amy and Rory looked on twin looks of confusion on their faces. The Doctor turned back, “Well come along Ponds! I have some people I’d like you to meet.” He wrenched open the door and scurried out, Amy and Rory following slowly. As Amy poked her head out, she was greeted with a strange sight. The Doctor was bent over the open engine of a large black car. A classic by the looks of it, and he was chattering away with someone who was underneath the car. Amy grabbed Rory’s hand and dragged him over to the car.

“So, where are we exactly?” asked Rory as they got closer to The Doctor. Amy shrugged, “In South Dakota, as much as that tells us.” The Doctor poked his head out from under the hood. “Oh right, um Amy, Rory, this is Dean, well this isn’t Dean, the legs poking out from under the car belong to Dean. Dean Winchester.” Amy and Rory’s mouths gaped as a handsome man dragged himself out from under the car he was tall and lean, his oil and dirt smeared t-shirt sticking to his chest. His green eyes wrinkled as he smiled and stuck out his hand “Please to meet you.” The Doctor looked puzzled at Amy and Rory’s shocked expressions. “What? You two look like you’ve seen a ghost…” Amy grabbed The Doctor by the hand and dragged him and Rory away from Dean. “Doctor, that’s Dean Winchester? Like has a little brother named Sam Winchester? Hunts demons and all manner of supernatural creatures? IS THE STAR OF A SHOW CALLED SUPERNATURAL?!” She ended in a shrill tone. The Doctor still looked confused. “I don’t understand, what show?” Amy shook her head and stalked a few yards away. Rory stepped closer to The Doctor. “Um, well in our time, and world or whatever, there’s this show yeah? Called Supernatural, it’s about two brothers named Sam and Dean Winchester and they hunt monsters. And they occasionally stop in South Dakota at Singer Salvage Yard…” he trailed off as he noticed the sign hanging above the garage. “Which, of course is where we are.” He smiled faintly. “Guess Bobby Singer is somewhere around then? Likely drinking, or researching.” The Doctor grinned. “I’m sure he’s in the house. Come along Ponds, I bet Sam is inside too. I’ll introduce you.” Amy stomped after the two men taking a second to glance back at Dean. “That is one fine looking man,” she muttered to herself with a smile. The Doctor approached the house slowly. “Bobby! Bobby it’s The Doctor! Don’t shoot me. I brought some friends!” he shouted raising his hands in the air and gesturing for Amy and Rory to do the same.

The screen door swung open and the twin barrels of a sawed off shotgun appeared followed by a man in a baseball cap and a vest. Amy looked at the vest then at Rory’s vest and giggled. Rory rolled his eyes. “Doc? That you? You look different…” Bobby’s voice trailed off. “It’s me. It really is. Remember that conversation we had, the one where I got terribly drunk and explained what happens when I die?” the Doctor said with a grin. “Yeah, I remember,” Bobby said, lowering the shotgun. “Well don’t just stand there! Come on in. Sam’s inside. He’ll be glad to see you.” He held the door open as The Doctor and his companions trooped through the door. Amy and Rory’s jaws dropped and Amy leaned in to whisper in Rory’s ear, “He really does have that many books!” Rory nodded dumbly as they followed The Doctor and Bobby to a central room. Every surface was covered in books and papers. There was a cheery fire in the fireplace and a tall man laid out on the sofa, asleep with a book open on his chest. Bobby grabbed a small book and tossed it at the man’s head. “Wake up idjit! We have visitors.” The man started, and sat up straight rubbing his eyes. He looked up and when he saw The Doctor he grinned. “Doc! It’s great to see you! I see you finally got a new face.” The Doctor smiled fondly back. “Yeah I did. Sam I’d like you to meet Amy and Rory Pond, they travel with me. Amy and Rory this is Sam Winchester” Sam stood up and held out his hand. “Hi, it’s nice to meet you.” Amy took his hand with a grin. “It’s our pleasure.” Sam was even taller than his brother with shaggy hair and hazel eyes. He smiled at Amy and Rory, “So you’re friends of Doc’s? Where are you from? I mean I know your accent is Scottish but do you guys still live there? Or do you just travel with him?” A hand landed on Sam’s shoulders. “Woah, easy there college boy,” Dean grinned down at his brother. “One question at a time, don’t want to scare these poor people away.” Amy smiled, “Oh it’s not bother really. I’m from Scotland originally, Rory is from England, but now we just travel with Mr. Bowtie over there.” Amy gestured at The Doctor as she spoke. Sam smiled, “I bet that’s interesting. I mean, he and I have talked about some of the places, and times he’s been but I haven’t actually traveled with him.” Amy looked puzzled, “Why not? I would think this would be right up you and your brother’s ally.” Sam and Dean exchanged a look and Dean cleared his throat, “Um I..uh…I don’t do well in things that fly. I don’t care what they look like on the inside. And yes I’ve seen the inside of the TARDIS. I just don’t like to travel by anything except car. Preferably in my own car.” “You mean the Impala?” Rory asked face lighting up. “Man, your car is gorgeous.” Dean’s grin got bigger, “Yeah I love my baby.”

While Amy and Rory were being entertained by the Winchester brothers, The Doctor and Bobby had moved to the small desk and were poring over a very large book. There was a sound like feathers ruffling and a man in a trench coat appeared behind Dean. Dean jumped as he turned around quickly, “Cas! What have I said about doing that?! I swear I’m getting you a collar with a bell!” “Can I have a collar too love?” a smooth voice asked from behind Sam. The brothers and the Ponds all jumped. “Dammit Crowley!” Sam huffed. “No collar for you, you’d probably like it too much. How about just jingling your change?” Crowley smiled tightly. “I see you have visitors, did my party invitation get lost in the mail?” he asked, pulling a small flask out of his jacket pocket. It was his turn to jump when The Doctor reached around him and plucked the flask from his hand. “Crowley, I see you still drink the good stuff,” The Doctor commented with a grimace after sniffing the open flask. “Doctor, I see you still don’t appreciate a good drink,” Crowley snapped back, snatching his flask from the Doctor’s hand. “No need to be snappish Crowley, I’m here to help.” Crowley laughed humorlessly. “Help? You? Like last time, when you LEFT ME TO DIE?!” he yelled as he advanced at the Doctor. Castiel reached out and touched Crowley on the shoulder. The demon stopped in his tracks but still vibrated with rage. The Doctor looked apologetic. “Look. It wasn’t personal. And I knew Castiel would get to you in time, so technically I didn’t leave you to die…I just used you as unknowing bait,” his gaze turned hard. “Which you know all about don’t you?” Crowley shook off the angel’s hand. “Fine. What brings you here anyway?” Bobby moved forward, large book still in his hands. “We seem to have a problem, of the extra-terrestrial kind. After that run-in with those pepper grinder things, I figured this would be right up the Doc’s alley.” Amy, Rory, Dean and Sam came to join the huddle around the large book. The open pages depicted a large blue box that looked suspiciously like the Doctor’s TARDIS. “Um, Doctor? How did your TARDIS end up in an old book?” Amy asked confused. The Doctor’s eyebrows were high enough to have disappeared into his hairline. “Honestly, I have no idea. But I have a feeling I’m about to find out…” he trailed off as he leaned closer to study the text around the picture. He cleared his throat, “My Aramaic isn’t up to snuff, can someone read this for me?” Sam stepped forward and bent over the large book. “Ok, let’s see. The blue box appeared as though from nowhere. There were nine beings who came from it. Two were higher beings, one from above and one from below. One was a being from very far away whose home was no more. Two were brothers but not just brothers…um a single soul in two bodies? I think that’s what it says. One was a father but not blood and the last two were a bound pair. These nine saved our people from a great and terrible…great and terrible…Bobby do you have that Aramaic dictionary still?” Bobby made his way to a packed bookshelf and fished out a small book. Sam took the book and flipped to a page. “Ok, a great and terrible threat. Once their foe was vanquished they disappeared as if they were never there.” Sam finished the page of writing and stood. The motley group of supernatural, extra-terrestrial, and regular humans stood silent looking at each other. “Seriously? A single soul in one body?” Dean was the first to break the silence. Sam shrugged, “That’s what it says. And you gotta admit, we are kinda like two sides of the same coin.” Dean thought about it and huffed in annoyance. Crowley was the next to speak up, “So, I guess I’m the one from below then? Why is it always me that gets stuck working with you tossers?” He drained the last of the whiskey from his flask. “At least I’ll have Castiel to keep me company,” he said with a lecherous grin at the angel. Castiel just raised an eyebrow. The Doctor turned to Bobby, “Well Bobby Singer, I guess it’s time I showed you my time machine.” Bobby smiled at the Doctor. It was Rory who asked the really important question though. “Ok, so we know we have to go back to some year in ancient times-“ “1489 B.C.,” Bobby interrupted. “That’s when the book was written.” “Ok so we’re going back to 1489 B.C. to defend a people against what exactly?” The other men in the room all looked at each other in confusion. Sam grabbed the book and pored over the tale once more. “It doesn’t say what we vanquish, just that it was a threat and we got rid of it.” “Great,” Dean said with a wry grin. “An unknown monster. So I guess we’re gonna need the whole arsenal then?

My new themesong and ringtone...

I post the video below for all your ladies out there who are g33k5 and g4m3r5. *fistpump*

For those who would like to download it or see the lyrics follow the link below...

Another note on the 90s music thing...

To all my fellow DT Fangirls....

In my opinion this song sums up Mr. Tennant....*facepalm* God but I feel old...most of the kids I've worked with have never even HEARD of the Backstreet Boys or N'Sync...

Serious *FACEPALM* *HEADDESK* Moment

So i was trolling youtube feeling nostalgic for some 90s music. Listened to some Everclear, Everlast, Hootie and the Blowfish...and then I stumbled onto something I hadn't thought about in years!

N'Sync, or N-stink as my father always called them. He also used to call all the members Jabo, just to piss me off. Those crazy motherfuckers were my favorite band back in the day. I liked them better than the Backstreet Boys but out of both bands AJ from BB was ALWAYS my favorite. I had a thing for bad boys even at a young age. :P


Also, a sidenote, the music of my generation's childhood is soooooo much better than the music that kids listen to nowadays. I'd take N'Sync, the Backstreet Boys, and Britney Spears over Justin Bieber, and Hannah Montana any day.
What kind of craft would you design to travel through time and space? How would it work? What would it look like?

How would it work?

It would travel through a pretty swirly thingy known only as the TIME VORTEX. The controls would be complicated and require feats of acrobatics to properly use them.

What would it look like?

A blue Police Box from the 1960s on the outside, and it would be bigger on the inside with a central console that houses the controls and the Time Rotor...

Cookies to whoever gets this BTW.

Oops! Forgot I was doing this...

Day 02 - Your Favorite Classic Who Episode

I haven't seen many Classic Who eps but I watched The Five Doctors and enjoyed it immensely!

Day 03 – Your Favourite New Series Episode

Blink Hands down, my favorite. The Weeping Angels scared the s*** out of me the first time I watched it and it's one of those episodes I can watch over and over and over. I LOVE IT

Day 04 – Your Favourite Doctor
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Day 05 – Your Favourite Companion


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Yep, cause she's just plain AWESOME

Dr Who Meme

Well I've finally decided to break down and do this...some of the days I may have problems with but hey...I'll make it. Stolen from fid_gin

Day 01 - Your Favorite Quote
Day 02 - Your Favorite Classic Who Episode
Day 03 – Your Favourite New Series Episode
Day 04 – Your Favourite Doctor
Day 05 – Your Favourite Companion
Day 06 – Whatever Tickles Your Fancy
Day 07 – Your Favourite Piece of Music
Day 08 – A Who-Related Photo That Makes You Happy
Day 09 – A Who-Related Photo That Makes You Angry/Sad
Day 10 – A Who-Related Photo That You Took
Day 11 – Your Favourite Season (Classic or New)
Day 12 – Whatever Tickles Your Fancy
Day 13 – Your Favourite Villain
Day 14 – The Villain Who Scared You the Most
Day 15 – Favourite Who-Related Tumblr
Day 16 – Your Favourite Who-Related FanFic
Day 17 – A Piece of Who-Related FanArt
Day 18 – Whatever Tickles Your Fancy
Day 20 – The Character Who Is Most Like You
Day 21 – Your Doctor Who OTP
Day 22 – A Who-Related Fan-Site
Day 23 – A Who-Related YouTube Video
Day 24 – Whatever Tickles Your Fancy
Day 25 – Favourite Who Actor
Day 26 – Favourite Who Actress
Day 27 – An Episode You Wish Hadn’t Been Made
Day 28 – An Episode Idea You Created Yourself
Day 29 – Who You Think Should Be the Next Doctor
Day 30 – Whatever Tickles Your Fancy

So Day 1 it is...Collapse )

New tv show...well new to me

When i did the TV Meme one of the questions was what show do you want to watch? New or old.

My answer was Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I finally started it, and I have to say, I'm BLOODY in love with it!

Specifically with Giles...but srsly, he's gorgeous, British and can SING! What's not to love?


So Friday morning about 2:45 AM I get a call from D. He sprained his ankle pretty badly. So he was home all day, on top of that I still feel like total shit from last week still.

*Goes to sleep in the middle of posting*

So exhausted me is going to bed. Amber I'm sorry I missed u but today sucked.

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So I survived camp with minimal injuries but loads of stress!

Came home just in time for my anniversary which is today. It's been two years since I married the love of my life.

And then tomorrow I turn 23. Two years closer to being a quarter of a century.


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